Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Upcoming Classes

Beginning Weaving Class
Monday, September 11, 1pm - 3:30pm
This beginning weaving class is limited to 3 participants and we are offering a "Try Before You Buy" option. Rent one of our class looms to make a beautiful scarf. $85 includes a skein of Zig Zag Yarn, your class fee and loom rental for 2 weeks. No previous skills are needed. In our 2-1/2 hour workshop, you will learn to warp your loom and start your weaving project to work on at home. Then come back within two weeks to return your loom, and if you need help taking it off, we can assist with that. There will be a strict 2 week rental policy, as we only have 3 looms to rent out, and we will need them back for the next session. If you decide you want us to order a loom for you, we will deduct your rental fee of $20. (Note: A simple contract will be signed for the loom rental. These scarves can be woven in about 5-8 hours. If you don't think you have time to devote to this, please don't sign up for the class until you are able, since we will need our rented looms back for the next class.) Please note: If the loom is damaged, you will be charged for the loom. Late fees will be assessed of $5/day.) If you want to take the class and you have your loom, the class fee which includes a skein of Zig Zag Yarn is $65. If you'd like to purchase a loom, please let us know so we can order for you. The cost of a 10" is $175 and the cost of a 15" is $195.

Zoo Animal Blanket Class 
Previous class participants, please keep working on your squares and attachments. We will schedule a class to start learning to assemble in September.

Create Your Own Knitting or Crochet Class
This class is for anyone from the beginner who wants to learn the basics to the advanced student who would like help tackling a specific project. If you would like to schedule a group or a one-on-one lesson please call the shop ~ we will be glad to schedule a lesson at your convenience.