Sunday, January 11, 2015

January Classes

Mitered Square Class, $35 
Saturday, January 17 (1pm - 3pm)
with a follow-up class on January 24th (1pm - 3pm)
The mitered square is a very versatile, portable, and beautiful knitting technique that would be a terrific addition to your knitting "bag of tricks." A quick search on for mitered square patterns reveals page after page of beautiful projects all created using these fun squares. In Bridget Borne's class, you will learn to make your own squares and how to incorporate them into any one of many beautiful projects! Call the shop to sign-up today ~ space is limited. Please bring with you: a partial skein of worsted weight yarn and appropriate sized knitting needles (probably size 7 or 8).

Beginner Crochet Classes, $30 per 2-hour class 
Tuesday, January 13th (12pm - 2pm)
 Have you always wanted to learn to crochet, or are you a knitter who would like to use crochet stitches to add beautiful edgings and embellishments to your knitted pieces? This class is for you ~ join us to learn something new and fun!

Tunisian Crochet, $30 per 2-hour class 
Thursday, January 29th, 12pm - 1:30pm
Tunisian crochet is sometimes described as a cross between traditional crochet and knitting in which the finished stitches look somewhat like they are woven. Sound interesting? Join us for this fun class during which you will learn the basic Tunisian crochet stitches and discuss the types of projects for which this form of crochet is best suited. Prerequisite: Beginner Crochet

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