Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August Sit & Stitch Activities

August (5pm - 8pm):
3rd ~ CCs in River Ranch
10th ~ Yarn Nook
17th ~ CCs in River Ranch
24th ~ Yarn Nook
31st ~ CCs in River Ranch

At Sit & Stitch on August 24th, we are offering a special treat to anyone who is interested. Fellow Yarn Nooker, ChrisAnne, will hypnotize us to enhance our Creativity. How fun will that be! ChrisAnne came to our Sit & Stitch last October from the Denver area. She worked for many years there as a counselor and social worker. There will be no fee for the short session and you may definitely choose not to participate. ChrisAnne promises not to make any of us act like farm animals while we are hypnotized!

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