Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August Sale Items

Come in to check out our "Bargain Bin" which has been filled with pattern booklets & pamphlets that have been significantly reduced. We have also added new yarns to the sale wall!

Sadly, Cascade Yarns has gone up on the price of many of the yarns in their line. We hsve recently received many boxes of new yarn reflecting the new price increase. Because we know that many of you love Cascade yarns and use them on on a regular basis, we are offering the entire line at the original price thru the month of August ~ come by soon for best selection! (Original pricing applies to in-stock yarns only.)

Upcoming Events

Once again, Yarn Nook will have a booth at The Cottage Shoppe Craft Fair which is scheduled for October 29th and 30th. We encourage you to knit, crochet, or spin items to be place for sale in our booth. Yarn Nook will pay for the booth fee and you will receive all money for the sale of your items. We will provide tags for your items the week prior to the fair (you decide on the price). You are also invited to come out for a Knit in Public event at our booth, so mark your calendars!

The Oil Center will host its annual Festival of Lights on Friday, December 2nd. We will host our annual Open House during this event and plan to have an area of the shop setup with items for sale ~ just as mentioned above, we will have tags for you to mark your items and you will receive all money for the sale of your items.

Shop Hours & Schedules

Starting August 9th, Kim and Kitty's schedules will change a bit.
Kim will work Wednesday & Friday. Kitty will work Tuesday & Thursday.

Our shop hours will be extended beginning in September:
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 10am - 5:30pm
Friday & Saturday 10am - 4pm

August Sit & Stitch Activities

August (5pm - 8pm):
3rd ~ CCs in River Ranch
10th ~ Yarn Nook
17th ~ CCs in River Ranch
24th ~ Yarn Nook
31st ~ CCs in River Ranch

At Sit & Stitch on August 24th, we are offering a special treat to anyone who is interested. Fellow Yarn Nooker, ChrisAnne, will hypnotize us to enhance our Creativity. How fun will that be! ChrisAnne came to our Sit & Stitch last October from the Denver area. She worked for many years there as a counselor and social worker. There will be no fee for the short session and you may definitely choose not to participate. ChrisAnne promises not to make any of us act like farm animals while we are hypnotized!

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Zimmermann!! (Giveaways & Knit-a-long)

This month we honor the birthday of revolutionary knitter, Elizabeth Zimmermann (August 9, 1910 - November 30, 1999). Also known as EZ, she is one of the most well-known and influential knitters ever. Her most popular patterns include the Baby Surprise Jacket, the
Pi Shawl, and the February Baby Sweater.
EZ's books are wonderful and full of patterns and her musings about knitting as well as photos of herself and her family. To celebrate her birthday we will have drawings throughout the month to give away copies of her books. Come by the shop to signup for the drawings and to check out EZ's terrific books!

We are happy to announce our August knit-a-long ~ the terrific, amazing and of course, surprising "Baby Surprise Jacket" by Elizabeth Zimmermann. If you are looking for a fun and interesting knit this summer, this one is definitely for you! The
knit-a-long fee is $20 plus the cost of your supplies and includes all the help you need to complete this amazing baby sweater. We will meet on Thursdays, 12pm - 2pm beginning Thursday, August 11th. If you are unable to attend the knit-a-long on Thursdays, we invite you to create your own project class ~ for a fee of $20 you will receive all the help you need to complete the sweater at your own pace!
Come by soon to sign-up and to choose your yarn!