Monday, August 2, 2010

August Classes & Workshops

Because August is so busy with vacations and kids going back to school, we will be offering all classes at your leisure for one more month. Any of the classes listed below can be scheduled at your convenience ~ for you or a group of your friends. NEW ~ call the shop to inquire about after hours classes!

Project Class
If there is a particular project you would like help tackling or if there is a new technique you would like to learn, we would be glad to schedule a class for you.

Sock Class
In this class you will learn to knit socks on two sets of circular needles. You may choose to knit your socks one at a time or two at a time.

Would you like to take a knitting class along with your child? Mother and daughter or mother and son knitting classes are available at a special rate ~ call the shop for details.

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