Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yarn Nooker Spotlight #3

Welcome to our Yarn Nooker Spotlight created to help us to get to know each other better.

Amy Ducote

Amy is the self-employed owner of Temporary Pharmacy Solutions, LLC , a temporary pharmacist staffing company. Her job keeps her extremely busy, but allows her the flexibility to enjoy time with her two furry children, her wonderful supportive husband, and her knitting hobby.

Amy has been knitting for 3.5 years, but if you look at the complexity of her projects and the wide range of skills she has acquired in such a short time, you would think she has been knitting all her life! Amy began knitting right after hurricane Katrina struck. She and her sister were looking for something to do to kill time while they waited for life to become somewhat normal again. Amy's mother taught her the thumb cast-on she had learned in her high school home-ec class and the rest was “knitting history” for our friend.

Amy knitted English style for about a year and then switched to Continental which she prefers. She has taught herself how to do lace, shaping techniques, toe-up, top-down, garments, and felting among other things. Amy likes the discipline and challenge of knitting and enjoys the quiet of her mind while she is knitting. She has begun designing garments for herself and other types of patterns for classes that she has taught at Yarn Nook over the past couple of years. Amy is a talented knitting instructor who enjoys sharing knowledge with others and watching new knitters get inspired with the passion of knitting. "Knitting has opened up a new community for me to be involved in and has brought me a whole new group of friends that share a common interest."

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