Saturday, May 2, 2009

Poll #2 ~ Results

Our second Yarn Nook Poll asked:
How many WIPs (works in progress) do you have on your needles or hooks at this time?

0% of you answered 0 WIPs
0% answered 1 WIP
26% answered 2 or 3 WIPs
50% answered 4 or 5 WIPs
7% answered 6 or 7 WIPs
3% answered 8 or 9 WIPs
11% answered 10 WIPs or more

I am loving these polls ~ it is so fun to see how the votes turn out! I feel so much better knowing I am not alone with my many WIPS!!!!

Please vote in the new poll on the sidebar to the right!!

1 comment:

CĂ©line said...

yeah but you are THE one knitting 4 socks at the same time on the same needles...