Friday, April 24, 2009

Yarn Nooker Spotlight #2

Welcome to our Yarn Nooker Spotlight created to help us to get to know each other better. This week we spotlight someone who has become crazy addicted to knitting in the past couple of months and has fast become a regular at the shop! Without further ado we introduce to you....

Suzette Bienvenu

Suzette is a busy lady! She works as the office manager for an architectural firm in the Oil Center, is happily married, and is the mother of 3 (almost) grown children. She has a 23 year old son who lives in Houston, a 21 year old daughter who is a nursing student at UL, and an 18 year old son who is a student at Lafayette High School and also takes classes at UL.

Suzette taught herself to knit, but became stuck in the rut of knitting mostly squares and rectangles...mostly baby blankets and scarves...and things that only involved knitting and purling. One day, she saw the Beginning Knitting Class listed in the UL Potpourri brochure and decided to sign-up. Suzette took the Potpourri classes at Yarn Nook beginning in early January and enjoyed the series of classes so much that she has gone on to take several more individual and group classes in the past few months. She has made two purses, a headband, a pillow, a wrap, and has learned to felt ~ all since mid-January!! Suzette's most recent accomplishment is knitting a beautiful top-down baby sweater!!

As I said earlier, Suzette has become crazy addicted and calls knitting her new passion. She says, "Everyone needs to find their passion, and this is it for me! I can't wait to get home from work, cook, and then knit. I've never enjoyed something this much! It's amazing!" She also says that because of all the great stuff Kim has taught her, she sees herself knitting items she would have never dreamed of tackling before and she has learned many useful tips and tricks as well.

Suzette has also begun to share the knitting love ~ her enthusiasm has encouraged a good friend of hers to want to learn to knit as well, and Suzette says her friend will be joining her in the shop soon! Yippee, another Yarn Nooker in the making!

Two new things Suzette is proud to have added to her knitting bag of tricks are how to knit continental and how to "read" her work. The thing that she would love to learn to do is knit two socks at a time on two circulars. If her past successes are any indication, I suspect that she will be sporting a beautiful pair of hand-knit socks very soon!!

Past Yarn Nooker Spotlight: Jill Lyons

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Name that Sheep!

I'm sure many of you have noticed the cute little addition to the shop pictured here.

You have seen our sheep hanging around in different locations in the shop and in our shop photos on the blog. We have yet to come up with a suitable name for our sheep and decided to ask you all for help. So, Yarn Nook is pleased to announce its name that sheep contest.

If you have an idea for a great name for our new friend, please click on the link below to email us your suggestion. We will collect the submissions during the next two weeks and will announce the winner on the blog on May 7th! As a token of our appreciation, the winner of the name our sheep contest will receive a skein of Happy sock yarn by Wendy. Happy comes in lots of great colors, is 75% Bamboo and 25% Nylon, and each skein contains enough yardage to knit a pair of socks.

Click here to Name that Sheep! (don't forget to include your full name in the email)

Pajama Party!

Don't forget ~ tomorrow night at Sit & Stitch we will have a pajama party!! You are all invited to join us for fun, knitting, crocheting and just lounging around in your PJs! If you've never been to Yarn Nook on Wednesday night, you've got to stop by to see what you've been missing. Each week there are more and more people who come by and we love to have new people to join in on the fun! Here is a link to some photos taken at Sit & Stitch.

PS ~ If you don't want to wear PJs that's fine, too, of course!

Friday, April 17, 2009

You know you're a Yarn Nooker when:

  • You know who all the red yarn belongs to.

  • Your car wants to automatically turn toward and drive to the shop when you are anywhere near the Oil Center!

  • You know who is ready and willing to give your drink a refill on Wednesday night.

  • You have your own coffee cup at the shop.

  • Friends and family call the shop looking for you.

  • You have the shop's phone number on speed dial.

  • You've laid claim to a particular chair.

  • You walk through the door everyone knows your name.

  • You know the difference between Heather One and Heather Two.

  • You know who the Sock Lady is.

  • Kim leaves and tells you not to forget to lock up.

  • Hanging out and shopping at Yarn Nook is not so much a luxury as a NEED!!!

If any of these things applies to you, then you you must be a Yarn Nooker!! (and you are in great company if we do say so ourselves!!)

These are just a few things we came up with when we were hanging around the shop the other day. If you have suggestions about what we should add to this list, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post!

Poll #1 Final Results

Our first Yarn Nook Poll asked:
Do you knit, crochet or both?

54% of you answered that you only Knit
2% answered that you only Crochet
42% of you answered that you Knit & Crochet!

Interesting....very interesting!

Please vote in the new poll on the sidebar to the right!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April Newsletter ~ Finally!!

Our April Yarn Nook newsletter finally went out today! The beginning of this month was so busy so we were running a bit behind. If you do not currently receive the newsletter but would like to, Click here, then click 'Send'!

Here are some of the highlights for those of you who do not receive the email newsletter:
The April class list is set. Click here to view it then give us a call or come by the shop to sign up!!!

The Spring/Summer 2009 edition of Vogue Knitting magazine is in!! Come by the shop to pick up your copy and get ready for some fun classes in May!

Our very own Jane Hebert sent a question to Creative Knitting Magazine which was published in the April 2009 issue of their online newsletter. Along with her question, her knitting backstory was also printed. Click here for the April issue and scroll down to Reader Letters to read her story.

On Wednesday April 22nd, Yarn Nook will host a Pajama Party during Sit & Stitch / Yarn Nooker Night at the shop (6pm - 8pm). Come to the shop in your pj's, relax with friends, and knit or crochet a bit.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Knitting Challenge 2009

From the AslanTrends website:
will be an annual contest in which, through the use of AslanTrends Yarns, we ask entrants to create their own designs based on a set of creative guidelines. A panel of prestigious judges from the professional Knitting community will take part in determining the winners. Top tier winners will receive cash, AslanTrends Yarn and other prizes.

Click on the link below to learn more, then come by the shop to pick out your yarn and begin designing!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Knitting & Crocheting in the News

A fellow Yarn Nooker sent me this link about knitting, crocheting and your health. It is a video from The Early's great to see knitting and crocheting getting good press...check it out!

The same friend also sent me this shows you that you should make sure you keep your knitting close at hand at ALL times....poor lady!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fun Weekend!

Wow! This weekend was a blast! The Yarn Nookers' booth at Cottage Shoppe Spring Gathering was a great success! Many of our shop friends came by to knit & crochet or to just hang out with us and shop. We also met lots of folks who we hope will become new friends for us to hang out with at Yarn Nook! Those of you who expressed interest in learning to knit or crochet, we can't wait to see you at the shop soon!!!

Of course, I took some photos!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just a couple of things!

I wanted to remind you all that the Spring Gathering at the Cottage Shoppe is this weekend and we would love to see you all there. I think you will really enjoy it. See the previous post for some more details. Also, if you still have items you would like to submit for the booth, you can take them over to Yarn Nook and give them to Kim.

If you didn't already do so, please answer the poll in the right hand column. Every once in a while we will place a poll question over there. This is just for us to all get to know our Yarn Nook community a bit better. We would love to see what you have to say.

We are also working on a new class schedule, so if there is a class or technique you would like to see included, please let Kim know!

Of course, I took more photos at Sit & Stitch / Yarn Nooker's Night last night, so here they are!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Classes & Workshops

Beginning Knitting Class
This is a class for those who have no prior knitting experience and can be scheduled at your leisure. If you would like to schedule a beginner class for yourself or for a group of friends, just call the shop to set up a time and date!!

Intermediate Knitting Class, Tuesdays, 1pm - 3pm.
This class is offered every Tuesday. Students will work with Kim to choose an appropriate project they would like to work on in this class! Those who sign-up for this class should have already taken the Beginning Knitting Class or have a good knowledge of the basics of knitting.

Entrelac Class, Wednesday, April 15, 1pm - 3pm.
In this class you will learn to knit a very impressive woven-looking technique called Enterlac. You will use this technique to create a one of a kind purse!

Covered Hanger Class, Wednesdays, April 15, 29, 4pm - 6pm.
In this class you will knit a beautiful beaded cover for a satin covered hanger. Amy has placed some amazing samples in the shop for you to check out. Supplies needed are yarn (come by the shop soon to make your choice!), satin covered hanger(can be purchased from Bed Bath, Beyond or Wal-mart), beads that will allow yarn to pass thru them(optional), tapestry needle.

Beginner Lace Class, Wednesday, April 22, 1pm - 3pm.
In this class you will knit an exquisite lace scarf by a highly renowned designer. You will learn many new techniques including how to read a knitting chart.

Sock and Lace Workshop Days, Wednesdays, April 15, 22, 29, 10am - 4pm.
Sock and Lace workshops will be held every Wednesday. If you would like to begin a pair of socks or a lace project, or if you need help with any aspect of knitting socks or lace, you are welcome to join the workshop at any time. You may choose to knit your socks Cuff-down or Toe-up.

Weekly Yarn Tasting, Fridays, April 17, 24, 11am
Each Friday, the shop will host a yarn tasting beginning at 11am. Each participant will receive lunch, a “taste” of a fun yarn, and a technique class during which you will tryout your new yarn.