Monday, March 2, 2009

Group Activities

The Yarn Nookers will be participating in the 10th Annual Komen Acadiana Race for the Cure on Saturday, March 21st. A team of knitters from the shop will be racing for a cure. Here are some ways you may choose to participate:
  • Join us in the race on March 21st. You must register online or by mail by March 13th. Be sure to join our team at registration by entering Yarn Nookers as the team name!
  • Donate money to Komen Acadiana in the name of one of our Team participants. If you are unsure of who all is participating and would like to donate in the name of our team, you can donate in Kim Gunniss’s name. She is the shop owner and team captain.

To learn more, register or donate click here.

Kim is having team shirts printed for us to wear during the race. The shirts will say “I love to knit at Yarn Nook” and will cost $10. If you would like a shirt whether you are participating in the race or not, call Kim ASAP to let her know so she can include you in her order.

The Yarn Nookers will have a booth at the Cottage Shoppe's Spring Gathering on Saturday, April 4 and Sunday, April 5. The Cottage Shoppe hosts this arts & crafts show each spring and fall. All of you are invited to submit items for sale in our booth, and of course any money you earn from the sale of your items will be yours. We will have more specific information about this soon, but go ahead and prepare by knitting and crocheting your items for the booth now! You are also invited to stop by to say hello to your fellow knitters and crocheters who will be manning the booth and to check out the other terrific booths at the show. The Cottage Shoppe is located at 800 East Broussard Road. Click here for a map.

The Yarn Nookers are hosting a New Orleans Knit-out! Our New Orleans trip was originally planned for Friday, April 17 thru Monday, April 20th but the dates for the trip have changed due to scheduling problems. We are now planning to make the trip on Friday, May 29 thru Monday, June 1st.

We will travel to New Orleans on the train to spend the weekend knitting in the Big Easy. After a restful long weekend, we will return to Lafayette, again on the train. We will be booking hotel reservations and the train tickets very soon, so call the shop ASAP for more information and to reserve your spot on this fun trip!

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